As women, we struggle daily with desires to feel loved, valued, appreciated, and understood. We often feel battered by life’s challenges that tend to discourage and drain us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Traumatic events have a tendency to define and shape who we are, and sometimes we are left feeling abandoned, rejected, and frustrated.

We seek many ways to answer life’s complicated questions, and to cope with all the difficult situations with which we face. For many of us it is this searching that has caused us to desire more authentic relationships with one another and with God. WORTH Ministries, Inc. was formed during the spring of 2010 with the desire to see women’s ministries evolve from surface teachings, clichés, cliques, and gatherings around food, to acknowledging and addressing those complicated questions and difficult situations.

We believe that WORTH’S LIFE GROUPS will provide practical ways for women to come together, share their stories free of judgment and condemnation. Life groups will also allow women to receive practical biblical teaching and learn principles that will inspire, and challenge them to appreciate all of the struggles and obstacles that have been working together to make us the valuable, unique, beautiful woman of WORTH.

WORTH’s acronym stands for Women, Overcoming, Resting, Trusting, Him. The pink diamond in the logo design represents the significance of pink diamonds. The word “diamond” comes from a Greek word αδάμας – adámas which means “unbreakable.” Diamonds are the hardest known natural substance. They are created in the earth’s core as a result of extreme heat and pressure, and brought to the surface by volcanic activity. The diamond’s color is formed by impurities and structural defects. Pink diamonds are among the rarest color variety and most valuable in the world and one of the most beautiful.

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