At one of her lowest points, Patricia Gilbert, founder and executive director of WORTH Ministries Inc., ended up in a homeless shelter with her two young children, relying on the generosity of others for food and shelter and the chance at a fresh start. Even though she remembers the embarrassment and shame she felt at not being able to provide for herself and her family, she also recalls the blessing of receiving someone else’s compassion. “Now I want to give back,” Patricia says.
That desire to help others in need is at the heart of what WORTH Ministries Inc. seeks to accomplish in the lives of women throughout the community. This principle of service is central to understanding our true WORTH in Jesus. He has given each of us gifts that allow us to serve others, while also reminding us that we ourselves might be the one in need at some point in our lives.
God doesn’t look to only a few to do his work; he doesn’t look only for women who can teach or women who can cook or women who have achieved success in business. As the Apostle Peter says, each one has received a gift, and when we use it to serve one another, we are being good stewards of God’s grace (1 Peter 4:10). Serving others starts by meeting the every-day needs of those around us - our families and our neighbors. But sometimes, serving others involves pulling up our sleeves and leaving the comforts of our own homes and neighborhoods to bring the abundance of God’s grace to others in need.
That’s where WORTH Ministries Inc. can help.
Throughout the year, we will offer service projects that allow us to join our hands and hearts with each other to serve around the city. We will be partnering with organizations that minister to women and children in need. While individually you may not believe you can bring about real change in the lives of others, together God uses us to reach out to those who need Him - and us - the most.
Check our Minstry Calendar regularly for information about upcoming service projects and details for how you can serve others with the strength God supplies.
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